Prior to becoming an entrepreneur, Tanner played many sports growing up and was extremely successful in the poultry show ring.  He traveled all over the State of Texas in various competitions in 4H and FFA.  Tanner vowed he would become a successful entrepreneur one day.  He spent many hours doing research on-line, watching YouTube videos and learning from people who were successful in their own business ventures. With a little help from his family, he created his own business at the age of 12 years old.  Tanner recently graduated from college and is continuing his entrepreneurial endeavors.   

" The bags are awesome !  It was so easy.  Fast
shipping... I wish I would have known about these bags before.  We will be ordering more soon, Thanks AGAIN ! "


"Hi there. I just wanted to let you know that we used your bags for the first time a couple days ago and I can't possibly tell you how much I love them. They were easy to use, sped up the process for us SO much, and look very professional. :) I was planning to publish a piece about your bags on my site 


" Thanks again for the great bags and wonderful service! "
" Love the bags!  Will be buying more soon. "
"This is our second time ordering these bags, and we love them! The tube to draw out air is ingenious but terribly simple. This aspect is what really makes these bags the best for home use. We've used these bags for whole chicken, parts of chicken, other meats and vegetables. These are much more versatile than just poultry."
"Thank  you so much for the fast shipping and great customer service, I really appreciate it.  Everything looks great ! "
"Your bags are perfect for the job and work so well.  I swear my 75 year old father in law says "Well those bag work slicker than a whistle" after EACH bag is dipped.  (Just makes me smile)  We will definitely be repeat customers! "
"Thanks so much for the bags!  We butchered 116 chickens yesterday and the bags worked great.  No more Ziploc bags for us.  Our chickens were large - some over 6lbs dressed, but they all fit in the bags.  I also liked the small bags for cut up parts, gizzards etc.    
I have butchered chickens all my life.  My Grandmother and Mother both raised chickens every year.  I am going to take a roaster chicken in one of the bags to my Aunt.  She will be amazed.  Love the professional look.  Thanks again,  I will be ordering more next year ! "
"Received my bags today and tried a few, they are  awesome!!!  My birds were already frozen but they still worked fine.    This was a very easy process to do.  Thank You so much for  shipping them so quick. "
"Thanks for the quick response and ship as we are butchering this weekend.  I used your bags last year and they are terrific.  Just took the last chicken out of the freezer from last spring’s butchering and it is just as fresh as the day we bagged and froze it.   Thanks again!"
" I've been ordering your bags exclusively for about a year and am super pleased.  I like the straw system for extracting the air very much and the bags are really tough!!  I gave them a really good test just this week when I STUFFED a 4 lb chicken into a 10x10 and it actually closed... just barely, but it closed.  As hard as I stressed that bag to get the chicken in, it did not break.  I am thrilled. "
"Your wonderful customer service is greatly appreciated. The bags have saved us processing time and freezer space. I have recommended the bags to many people that raise and butcher their own poultry. I have butchered for years and haven’t ever had my chickens look as if a professional butcher had processed them.  Again, thank you for making my job easier."
"The bags worked great, they made the job of getting the birds ready for the freezer a lot simpler and faster, I will be buying more next year."
​"We just want to thank you for your outstanding service and product quality.  

We butcher around 1000 chickens each year for our family and customers and need a bag that is durable, easy to use and makes the birds look attractive in their packaging.

You also process and ship our orders in such a timely manner!
 "Your bag set up looks much better and more logical than the systems requiring poking a hole in the bag.  Thanks again for your advice and good luck in your pursuits.  Our country really needs young guys doing exactly what you are doing! "
"Thanks so much for your prompt, courteous service!  It has been a  pleasure doing business with you.  I will surely recommend your business to others.  We are very pleased with the performance of the bags and the quick  delivery service."
 "Your customer service is outstanding!   Thanks for the prompt communication.  I’m sure you get to tell your story often and get many sentiments of admiration, so let me add mine:  I am completely impressed with your organization and dedication. Very inspiring. "
"I am so glad that I found you on the internet.  You are so very  professional!  I am really looking forward to using your bags in a few weeks.  If they are as great as they sound, we will be purchasing several more in the near future.  I am honored to support a young man who has  vision and works hard.  My husband and I are 4-H and FFA alumni as well, so  we are proud to support your business.  Thank you for your personal emails and making me feel like a special client.  I have lots of chickens to process, so I will use all of my 200 bags easily.  Thanks  a Million!"

"My chickens have been in the freezer the last two months and I am very satisfied with your product!  The ease of use was simple and the bags sealed tightly.  The chickens come out of the bags like the day I put them in the freezer. The price is very reasonable! Thank you for a great product!  "
The Coulter Family
Peak View Farm, LLC