Texas Poultry Shrink Bags

Custom Poultry Freezer Labels

$9.99 USD

Freezer proof labels are (4" x 2.5") and currently
Prices for this label include design fee, printing charges, and shipping.
Great for Small-Scale Poultry Processors
Permanent and Extremely durable
Prices do not include TX Sales Tax

Try our oil-resistant, waterproof, freezer labels for best results. Easily customize your Poultry Labels. 

We want to help your packaging to look more personal and professional if you sell your own poultry or small game. Our labels have the food safety warning and attractive poultry graphics. These labels and our shrink bags will help your poultry stand out at any farmers market. Note that the food safety label does not say that the meat was inspected. However, our labels are specifically for those producers operating under the 1000 bird exemption. All of our labels have the proper exemption printed on each label "Exempt P.L. 90-492"

Create your own farm labels by selecting one of our templates as a starting point. Please email us through the "Contact" tab on the tool bar if you need special requirements on the label for your state.